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A Veteran’s Guide to Civilian Job Loss Recovery

18 April 2016, Comments 0

Job loss can be one of the most traumatic and life changing events anyone has to go through, even for a veteran who’s already […]

Top Tips for a Phenomenal Phone Interview

5 April 2016, Comments 0

Faced with less time and more applicants, many hiring managers are now beginning the interview process by scheduling phone interviews rather than meeting with […]

Delegating 101 For the Atlanta Business Owner

5 April 2016, Comments 0

For a handful of Atlanta small to medium business owners, delegation comes easily and naturally. For the vast majority though, the idea of letting […]

The Basics of the One Minute Elevator Pitch

31 March 2016, Comments 0

Every job seeker should have a basic one minute elevator pitch. If you are not familiar with the concept this is the basic minute […]

Your Personal Brand as a Transferable Skill

30 March 2016, Comments 0

Although it is a newer concept by now most people are aware of the concept of personal branding and just how important it can […]